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Dear valued customers,
China is the manufacturing centre of the world. To produce high-quality products, it is essential to use quality tools.
For more than 40 years, we have been importing and distributing quality professional tools for the manufacturing industry.
This catalogue lists over 30,000 quality professional tools from world-leading manufacturers in Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Britain and Japan.
In order to provide better value to our customers, we have established two technology solution centres: one devoted to metal-cutting technology and the other to measurement technology. Our experienced tool engineers also offer both application and technical consultancy services.
In addition to professional tools, the Leeport Group also has several other divisions selling and servicing metal-cutting machinery, metal-forming machinery and electronics production equipment. This enables us to provide one-stop-shop solutions in manufacturing technology.
We look forward to helping you to improve the quality of your products, increase your productivity and become more competitive and profitable in the years to come.
We thank you for your continued support.
Joseph S.L. Lee
Group Chairman
Leeport (Holdings) Limited